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Sam got his full licence today

The story of Sam's week so far is 3 minor driver errors, a test pass and a full driving licence. Now he's going to chill for the rest of the day.

April 3rd 2017

Sam's just passed Syed's just passed Andy with pass certificate Boby with pass certificate Lincy with pass certificate Lee with pass certificate Emmaneul with pass certificate

Another 1st time pass for 1st for Learning with Syed

A 1st time Pass for Syed with only 5 little minor driver errors. Now it's off to see dad to get on the insurance.

March 31st 2017

Andys got a big smile and his full today

Andy was a happy boy as he passed and got his full licence with only 2 minor driving errors. He's now looking forward to longer in bed before work as he can get there quicker in a car

March 7th 2017

A Drive in the Sun got Boby his Pink Licence

A nice sunny day for Boby as he only got 3 Minor Driver Errors and a Full Driving Licence. Now your off to find that first car and get on the roads,

March 2nd 2017

A nice full licence for Lincy today

Another lovely pass for 1st for Learning as Lincy got her full licence. Now she's looking forward to a much easier trip to work in the mornings

February 23rd 2017

Nice one Lee you got your test pass

Lee was over the moon with his test pass today and now he's off onto the roads. See you out there Lee

February 21st 2017

Keep smiling Emmanuel and enjoy the open road

Emmanuel took a trip and got his full driving licence today. Now he's over the moon and off to look for that first car.

January 31st 2017

1st attempt with 1st for Learning, Zube gets his pass

With only 4 minor driving errors Zube drove away with a full driving licence today. Now it's back to work before possibly looking for that car.

September 6th 2017

Ashley with pass certificate

Lewis begins the week with a Test Pass

Four minor driver errors and a full driving licence. What a start to the week for Lewis. Now he's off to get that car insured and onto the roads.

April 24th 2017

Ashley with pass certificate

Only 2 minor driver errors for Ashley and 1st for Learning

With only two little minor driver errors Ashley got his full licence and the freedom of the roads. Nice drive Ashley see you out on the roads.

May 23rd 2017

Ceri with pass certificate

Ceri cruises to her full licence with 1st for Learning

Ceri only got 2 minor driver errors during her journey to a full licence today. Now she's looking forward to leaving those early morning busses behind.

June 30th 2017

Ben with pass certificate

Ben got another 1st time pass for 1st for Learning

Another 1st time pass for 1st for Learning as Ben got his full licence today.Now it's off shopping for that first car.

July 20th 2017

Nat with pass certificate

1 minor and a full licence for Natalie

A fantastic day for Natalie who drove through the nerves and passed her test with just a single minor driver error. Now it's time to hunt for that first car and maybe do the Pass Plus course.

August 1st 2017

Zube with pass certificate Chantelle with pass certificate

Chantelle gets the freedom of the roads

Chantelle was enjoying the sun as she got that nice pink full driving licence with only 3 minor driver errors. Now she's off to get a car and insurance.

August 17th 2017